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Privacy Policy

Our commitment is to transparency and safeguarding your data. Here’s what we hold, why, and how we manage it.

1. Data We Hold

We retain various types of data:

  • Client Data: Contact information for businesses we professionally engage with, including company details, banking info, and contact details
  • Prospect Data: Contact information for potential clients we aim to collaborate with professionally, encompassing email and company addresses
  • B2B/B2C Third-Party Data: Information provided by clients for marketing purposes, approved by them
  • Employee Data: Records of current and past employees, including CVs and contracts
  • Supplier/Contractor Data: Information solely for professional contact purposes

2. Storage Methods

We prioritise data security but acknowledge no transmission is entirely foolproof. We store data across:

  • Systems for client management, project flow, and communication.
  • Mailchimp for occasional professional correspondence.
  • Secure tools for pipeline management.

3. Data Collection

We collect email addresses for newsletter subscriptions via Mailchimp, treating them as third-party processed data. Client and supplier details are gathered for operational purposes and not shared unless necessary for legal proceedings.

4. Data Usage

Your information is utilised solely for professional engagements, project delivery, and occasionally for sharing insightful content relevant to your business.

5. Concerns and Complaints

We aim to provide beneficial information and manage data strictly for professional purposes, respecting your preferences and ensuring relevance.

6. Accessing and Updating Information

You have the right to access, correct, or request the removal of your personal data. Submit requests via email to our specified address:

Terms of use

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Copyright Notice:

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Cookie Policy

At Prospa Creative Ltd, cookies play a pivotal role in enhancing your online experience. These small text files, stored by your browser, serve various purposes, from recognising returning visitors to understanding website traffic. They contain details about your computer usage without holding personal identifiers like your name.

Our Approach to Cookies

When you explore our website, cookies automatically gather information about your visit. While you have the option to decline cookies, it may impact your browsing experience negatively.

The data collected doesn’t personally pinpoint you but comprises general computer settings, internet connection specifics, browsing patterns, and even location.

Although most browsers accept cookies by default, you can customise settings to delete them or disable automatic acceptance.

Customisation Cookies

Designed to recognise returning visitors and capture browsing specifics, these cookies aren’t utilised for personalisation on our site.

Analytical Cookies

These track visitor movements and sources to compile overall content preferences. Opting out is possible, especially for services like Google Analytics.

Third-Party Service Cookies

Sometimes, we embed content or tools from external sites. This may prompt cookies from these third parties. Managing these cookies involves checking their respective websites for opt-out options. Guidance on disabling third-party cookies can be found at

Site Management Cookies

Essential for maintaining session continuity or managing interactions on the site. While they can’t be individually disabled, you can refuse all cookies through browser settings if preferred.